The Opportunity of Crisis

In 1959 President J.F.K. noted that the Chinese word for Crisis '危机 wayjee' is actually a compound word combining opportunity and danger.  No doubt we all have felt the crisis in our country, but has the danger blinded us to the opportunity?  I love a friends transliteration of Philippians 1:21 “I consider living opportunities for Christ.”  We have made no reduction to missionary or ministry support by the grace of God and the generosity of you.  This week a pallet of supplies from our Missionary disaster relieve team, Convoy of Hope, arrives in Lowell to help desperate at high risk for the virus and low resource for the stay at home mandate.  As our Missionary Don Butera said Easter Sunday “you are in Christ not crisis!”

We have embraced the opportunity of change to online church and digital tools. Hundreds of lives are being reached that never would have visited our building, small groups have multiply and the list could go on. So many of you embrace have assumed community care and turned crisis into opportunity for Christ.  You are “being the church” and I couldn't be more proud.  Thank you for helping people “Know God, Find Freedom Discover Purpose in Make a Difference” for Jesus! 

God has been good to our church.  While several have contracted COVID-19 no one has experienced life-threatening reactions.  Please keep them in prayer.  God knows them by name!  As our leaders consider reopening our nation for business, we will continue to “submit to the governing authorities” (Romans 1:31).   This week we have begun proactively thinking about questions that will require answers in the near future.  Will public gatherings still be prohibited in the early phases?  What will be our mitigation measures for health as we return?  Will we greet each other with elbows and social distancing rather than a handshake?  What new practices must we make habits to ensoure our nursery, toddler church and anchor kids maintains sanitized and confident to our families?  How do we continue the gift of online church and small groups while returning to the joy of “gathering together” for service, worship and prayer as the church (Hebrews 10:25).” 

Know that we are already giving these thoughts and we hope our strong measures early has earned the confidence of you to know we will always consider safety and spirituality as twins.  Until we meet in person, find a need and meet it, find a hurt and heal it, and find the joy of serving.  If you do, you will never want to be served again.  See you online and in person when the time is right!  God Bless!

-Pastor Paul