Our Covid-19 Relief Fund

Recently we created a COVID-19 response fund.It’s purpose is to help resource the unique needs arising from COVID in our church & the Merrimack Valley. Today we received the call Convoy of Hope, the Assemblies of God disaster relief ministry, has begun shipping pallets of toiletries, supplies and food for churches to distribute all over the USA. Our pallet of supplies arrives this Thursday! We welcome strong souls willing to help store and distribute this miracle.In response to this provision, we will be replenishing Convoy of Hopes stock by two pallets. This has been possible by the COVID Fund. Prior to this good news we filled and emptied the church freezers to families in need. One mother had a child and no furniture or food. This was made possible by your generosity. If you know of someone who has great need but no family or support, please contact the office and lets make our COVID-19 Response fund meet needs and not supply hording or Greed. If God has been good to you, consider beyond the tithe and faith promises our COVID-19 Response fund. We’re shining the light of Christ and town officials are deeply moved.

Thank you!