Whether you're seeking to know more about God, become a member, or you desire to lead, we want to help you get there.


Starting Point is where your journey of faith begins. This class is designed for you to learn more about God, our church, who we are, and how you can be a part of God's work in the Merrimack Valley and greater Lowell region. Click the link to Sign-up today! This happens after service on Sunday, from 1:00 - 2:00 PM. Childcare is provided.


Whether you're a new believer in Christ, a longtime follower of Him, or you just want to explore the basics of Christianity, Christianity Explored is the place for you. This class is designed to help you understand what it means to be a Christian, and what the Bible says a Christian believes.


Discipleship Explored is for those who want to know what the Bible has to say on growing closer to God. This class will give you an overview of all the different ways people have connected with God in the past, and how you can begin to implement them now in your life. This class happens after service on Sunday, from 1:00- 2:00 PM. Childcare is provided.


Leadership Explored is the place where we learn to influence, inspire, and guide other people to their fullest potential. God pours into us, so that we can pour out to others. The greatest form of leadership is service to others. This happens on an ongoing basis, every first Sunday of the month,

at 6:00 PM.

Childcare is provided.